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Get  to  know  Us

Our Story

We are a full-service travel agency founded in South Carolina in 2015. The upstate is our home, but our clients live all across the globe! We work with our clients in person and remotely via email, phone, and Zoom. We believe that travel is not one size fits all which is why we specialize in custom-made travel. Planning vacations should be seamless and stress-free.  We use our ongoing training and industry connections to help create the perfect adventure for you!  Our dedicated team strives to offer a customized service to meet your needs. We pride ourselves on providing excellent service while focusing on your unique vacation wants and needs. We are able to offer our clients more bells and whistles and great value through our partnership with many of the world’s top travel suppliers. Unlike online booking websites, we go above and beyond to make sure all of your needs are met and all your questions are answered.

Why Use a Travel Advisor

Advocacy, Experience, Connections, and Emergencies! Travel planning has never been more complex.  What travelers need now are travel professionals who can take the stress out of planning and help put the joy back into travel. First, and most importantly, my goal is to get to know you so I can seek out destinations, properties, and activities that are in line with your personality and desires for your upcoming trip. Crafting the perfect trip comes down to knowing what really makes you tick. Are you a food and wine lover? Do you find yourself most inspired in buzzing cities or in off-the-beaten-path destinations? We help to connect you to stunningly beautiful hidden gems around the globe whether it's an epic honeymoon escape or a rare opportunity for a multigenerational getaway, every trip has the potential to bring extra special memories. As your Travel Advisor, my goal is to make travel seamless, hassle-free, and fun from start to finish.

Our mission and Vision

At MJ's Getaways Travel Agency, our mission is to create more than just travel experiences; we are dedicated to building genuine connections with our clients and their families. We take pride in getting to know your unique preferences and helping us create customized itineraries that exceed your expectations. Our commitment is to build lifelong relationships that span into future generations, as we remain humble, open to learning, and dedicated to growth. With a large heart, we pour our passion into crafting unforgettable travel memories for you. We are not just a travel agency; we are your trusted partners in exploring the world. Our promise is to provide exceptional customer service, stay updated on destinations, and navigate ever-changing travel restrictions. Join us on a journey where we create lifelong clients through perfectly planned itineraries and a dedication to continuous improvement.

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