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As your dedicated travel consultant, I strive to align perfectly with your preferences. Although we can efficiently handle most interactions through written communication, I understand that some clients prefer the personal touch of in-person meetings or direct phone conversations.  


As a small boutique travel agency, I take pride in being the human behind the design of your trip. I meticulously oversee all aspects of your reservation - from collaborating with suppliers to navigating the complexities of airline logistics. This is the behind-the-scenes work that ensures your vacation comes together seamlessly.


To make sure I honor my commitment to you, we prefer appointments for phone calls and consultations. This allows me to focus entirely on your unique vacation needs and put aside distractions during our interactions. Scheduling an appointment is as easy as clicking on the appointment tab on our website and at the bottom of each of our email interactions.


I believe this process makes me more accessible by making our interactions intentional, so you never have to hold in a long phone line. If you ever feel that I have overlooked something or if your question remains unanswered, please do not hesitate to inform me. This can help me fine-tune your experience and make adjustments as needed. If you are unable to find a suitable time that fits your schedule, please let me know as I am happy to accommodate our clients, including those who work on different shifts and those who are international. We also offer in-person appointments, although you will need to request this option, as part of gaining expertise in my field is by traveling to different locations and I want to make sure that I am available to meet in person at the time you select. Alternatively, we can meet through Google Meets, Zoom, and of course by phone. I am excited to make your travel experience a memorable one! 

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