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Romance Travel Specialist

Hi, I’m Michelle, the founder of MJ's Getaways Travel Agency! After 20 years of being a chairside orthodontic assistant where I have had the opportunity to bring joy to adult's and children's faces by transforming their smiles and confidence, I decided to venture out into another journey that has helped to put smiles to the faces to thousands of families and to bring joy to their hearts through travel


In 2015 we opened the doors to MJ's Getaways Travel Agency. I have loved helping couples reenergize their marriage with our romantic vacation packages, assisting new brides and grooms as they start their life together as one, or helping families come together through travel to reconnect, refresh and relax.  There is no better joy than being able to help families build their lifelong travel memories.





Jason Jeffers

The I.T Guy

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My love for travel began while enjoying all of the amazing vacations my wife Michelle has planned for me and our two daughters. As a Husband and Wife ran business we take on whatever role our partner needs. From the I.T guy to fill-in travel support, we all work together for the perfect client experience. And look forward to creating vacation memories that will last a lifetime! 


Savannah Jeffers

Administrative Assistant


As the daughter of two travel agents, I've seen a few places and learned a few things about the travel industry. My love for travel began with the first cruise my family and I sailed on. I loved experiencing the different cultures and knew that I was hooked from there.  As a full-time student, I help out where time allows.  As an introvert, I love helping my family with the behind the scene task that the business may have. From data entry to bookkeeping and invoicing, my tasks vary from week to week. I am excited to continue to learn and assist my family in creating our client's vacation memories. 

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Michelle Jeffers

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